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Guernsey Museum is holding an exhibition “Pursuits and Joys” on the Family of Frederic Corbin Lukis of Guernsey – a family of archaeologists one of whose members was the Rev William Collings Lukis, who wrote in 1857 "An Account of Church Bells, and Bell Foundries ; " in 1858 " A Few Words to Rural Deans and Churchwardens," two tracts relating to the care and condition of church bells, and " The History of the Salisbury Bell Foundry;" but is more famous for his general archaeological work.
There is a conference on June 2-4, details from Heather Sebire, Museum Archaeologist, Telephone 700477. The exhibition will run until the end of the year
While the exhibition will be well worth seeing I believe that there is so much Archaeology that the bells may not get a look in.
The museum have now displayed at the Câtel Church material recovered from the excavation there a few years ago of Nicolas Blondel’s bell pit inside the Church. There is a display case with pieces of mould, metal, etc, and explanatory diagrams. The pit is visible through a glass panel in the floor.
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