[Bell Historians] Citations for Ringing World references

John Baldwin Dovemaster at V7UvWX5aaY6Av-6WkdzE0lub8Mbw-8RA59bDJAmz8eMn1vrmgkZZKSuphNwmNKdltkERLSEdWER-CiithbxzAw.yahoo.invalid
Mon Nov 6 11:56:43 GMT 2006

You will notice that in the pNBR Source field, and in the Dove file
CHANGES.TXT I have tried to standardise on the format RWYYYY/pppp
(where YYYY is the 4 digit year - to prevent "millennium bug" type
problems - and pppp is the page number, usually prefaced in "free
text" by the character p to indicate that it is a page number).  In
this way, such references can be stored in a database field, or pair
of fields, and easily sorted into chronological order.


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