[Bell Historians] Memorial Baptist Church, Brking Road, Plaistow.

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G&J in their Tuning Book Vol 4 p 90 give details for West Ham as: 10. 9-1-25 in A#; 9,  6-0-25; 8,4-3-7; 7, 4-0-0; 6, 3-1-21; 5, 2-3-9; 4, 2-0-22; 3, 1-3-21; 2, 1-2-18; 1, 1-1-21. All new bells dated 1925.
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  I found the following on the Newham local history site. Is this Baptist
  Church the same as the 'West Ham Central Mission' quoted in Dove as having
  a chime of 10 or is it another building? A grand opportunity for someone
  to have a look and see what is up there.

  "There's going to be an open afternoon at Memorial Baptist Church, Barking
  Road, Plaistow, 2- 5 pm this Saturday 11th Nov with guided tours of the
  building. It opened in 1922 and in one of the towers it has a peal of
  bells engraved with the names of 169 local men who were killed in WW1. All
  are welcome to see inside! There will be tea, cake, old photos etc too. 

  Earlier this year we started trying to find anyone connected with the men
  named on the bells and have found just one: Sergeant H Patterson was the
  brother in law of an elderly lady who lives just next door to the church."

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