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The guide to the Church of St. Colan confirms the fact that the tower was rebuilt in 1879 at a cost of £490. There are 3 bells in the tower one of which is a treble that was at one time in use at Glasney College Penryn and is therefore medieval. It is embossed with a cross similar to those on Mylor and Creed bells, the other 2 bells were recast and rehung at the time the tower was rebult.
  These bells are hung for ringing and are ringable. Colan was one of the towers which was available for open ringing before the TDGR AGM last year. If my memory serves then they have also been quartered within the last 20 years but a quick trawl through the TDGR reports has failed to reveal further info on this, I will dig deeper.
  Ian Self.

George Dawson <george at 6hJgltBOpgm5b2ZEeq55jO3O438eVEBkkwPz8__ylek6d2RaIKpQXt-9C-vbGxNIpazYaNDKNWBaj6pyriX08IYEY_Q.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
            CB Cornwall gives:
  1. ro to ric U P (in Gothic)      30.25"
  2. IOHN GURNEY VICAR . : . IOHN TREBILCOCK & JAMES HICKS :  31" N/dated but vicar instituted 1768
  3. THO SYMMON BEN CARRA 1671 F P  33" (Bell broken)
  Davidson says bells rehung 1879, my Diocesan List for Truro gives for SAINT COLAN
            St Colan
    St Colanus
    1 of 3
    Exeter foundry
      St Colan
    St Colanus
    2 of 3
    J Pennington
      St Colan
    St Colanus
    3 of 3
    J Warner & Sons, London & Sons

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      There is but one church in the Diocese of Truro that does not have its 
bell details on Dove. This is Colan. Can anyone give me the details 
of this ring of 3?





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