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I  believe both of the above have been tuned by Taylor's. The back ten 
at  Painswick (Abraham II) are still in their original state apart from 
having  the canons removed - Taylor's were not allowed to tune them when 
they  rehung them in 1999.


1979 from memory - and rightly so in my opinion. 
Painswick make a wonderful sound, mainly due to the good belfry acoustics  
(too good actually - the bells are open to the massive spire which makes loads  
of resonance). Tuning the bells would probably make them even harder to hear  
than they are now.
Sadly the ringing chamber acoustics are poor but they still remain one of  my 
favourite twelves, probably because they are a bit different - stretched old  
style front end and good back end with lots of bass (good bass in the pub  
opposite too!). Good growlers with a pretty uniform overall effect.
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Church Bell  Engineers,
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The Street,
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