[Bell Historians] Great Bells of Britain

Andrew Wilby andrew at dJQPXeYVBL6zG6cywN-C22N_8q4fGtlbEqY8URNDKSSzJHYVKyFXsTndcRGtAyeZ184yn4wcvRd0Qu4.yahoo.invalid
Thu Nov 16 15:45:59 GMT 2006

Well I've just checked a range of old diaries and I have to say that I 
suspect "addling" is taking place.

 I haven't inspected a complete set because I have a gap in the 
collection but the ones I have carry no acknowledgement.

So Richard, as a precaution until we can be sure otherwise, I wouldn't  
rely too much on your recall!!

Anyway why would we have wanted to ignore David? We took it on to ensure 
its continuity.
We would hardly have said "lets dump old Cawley and print an out of date 
list instead" would we?

And what sort of significant contribution have you in mind Dickon?
Providing next years days of the week perhaps or just your initials for 
the front?


Richard Offen wrote:
>> Whilst we were given considerable guidance by Bill as part of the 
>> "goodwill" in the transfer, David's involvement was never mentioned.
> Unless my memory really is getting addled (I haven't kept any of my 
> older Ringers' Diaries), I recall that David's involvement in the Great 
> Bells of Britain list was clearly acknowledged in the diary, clear for 
> everyone to see!
> R


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