Rudhall family and foundry

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No, Andrew, there isn't a definitive history of the Rudhall family and foundry. There are numerous partial accounts, some containing useful fresh (previously unpublished) information but more often regurgitating older and sometimes inaccurate writings. As I intimated in my posting the other day (and in earlier ones, as I recall) I've done a vast amount of research on the Rudhalls over the past thirty years or more, and there's certainly material for a book. But it's one of my many unfinished projects, I'm afraid - and it's not at the top of the list for completion. Give me long enough ...

That said, I am hoping to include a section on the Rudhalls - though not a full history - in the book I'm currently researching for the Swan Bells Foundation, which will include a fairly detailed account of the bells of St Martin-in-the-Fields in their historical context. 

Not wanting to "shoo off" anyone else wanting to do something. Just keen to avoid people covering ground that has been covered, even if unpublished. 

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