[Bell Historians] Re: Great Bells of Britain - Cobh, St.Colman's

Richard Smith richard at J6UFFUsU9TnLHbf9L5rgMQETNs0-pKKQcElbAQu4u1bRlwZL0Rh9leNO_5aZTkG2TRaXBQmBHni-RiztA48.yahoo.invalid
Fri Nov 17 11:38:51 GMT 2006

Chris Pickford wrote:

> The quoted bourdon weight is 71-1-20 - where the original
> Taylor one is 67-2-22.  Any clarification available?

As 71-1-20 is exactly 8000 lbs, I imagine this is an
approximation and that 67-2-22 is the accurate weight.



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