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The Cobh site doesn't seem to wish to open; but the two bells added by Eijsbouts to augment to 49 were numbers 2 and 3 on the carillon scale (48th and 47th of 49 on the "ringing" scale, notes A# and B. That is the "missing" two bass semitones), thus
Bass Taylor 1916 67-2-22  A
48     Eijsbouts 1998 ? weight  A#
47     Eijsbouts 1998 ? weight  B
46     Taylor 1916 48-2-3   C

The Bass and what should now be No. 46 are in the diary, in "my" (amended) list. If I was still doing it I would include 48 and 47 with their correct weights and the date 1998 and the founders' initials RE (Royal Eijsbouts). RE would also be noted at the foot of the list as such with (2 bells).

The BCS newsletter No.47 March 1999 gives the bass note as Ab; if so, then the others will be A, Bb and B, which looks rather thin to me. ADH will perhaps give the correct particulars of the JT bells? 

And perhaps GAD can extract the correct details of the two new basses, especially their weights, from Eijsbouts. Apparently the whole lot went off to Holland for restoration in 1998.

The discovery of those weights will be significant. The Cobh instrument is the largest in Britain and Ireland by one bell. Aberdeen and Bournville are the largest in the UK by number of bells (48); but by weight of Bass bell Aberdeen is by far the heaviest in the UK and Ireland, being a couple of pounds under 4 1/2 tons, and the carillon has only the lower 'missing' bass semitone. Has the increase in number at Cobh dethroned Aberdeen in overall weight despite the latter's much heavier bass bells?  

Thanks to Richard Offen and Dickon Love for support in recent postings; and I noted with no surprise Andrew Wilby's contrary attitude.  For the record I have before me a 1987 diary with the publishers' thanks on p.91, and it was not the only one.


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  I heard a suggestion that additional big bells had been installed with the carillon at Cobh, in Eire. I see that only the 1916 Taylor bass bell is included in the diary list. Does anyone have any information on this reported augmentation, and does it warrant a change to the existing list?


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