[Bell Historians] Great Bells of Britain - COBH

Richard Offen richard.offen at qlZ52PXzmtKYZ7uiWtoC1Q-rUbatSETYREkgDoPsTS4PTdUF4ATg9TH0FlSpdi8gY5avcTQlut9DGnRpFwB3yFNR_g.yahoo.invalid
Sat Nov 18 02:02:05 GMT 2006

> Thanks to Richard Offen and Dickon Love for support in recent 
postings; and I noted with no surprise Andrew Wilby's contrary 
attitude.  For the record I have before me a 1987 diary with the 
publishers' thanks on p.91, and it was not the only one.

So my brain isn't quite as addled as has been suggested!   

I think the acknowledgement was probably dropped, no doubt 
unintentionally, when the publication became the "Ringing World" diary.



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