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Just a thought: note it is Eijsbouts' "specification", and both kg weights end in the figure 0. I wonder if it's like those multiples of 7 in some of the Imperial weights we have had cause to query? Of course it might be coincidence. Thanks to Mike for getting that far.

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  I did the obvious thing - I contacted the carillonneur!

  He tells me:-

  The two bass bells added in 1998 are by Royal Eijsbouts of the 
  Netherlands. According to this company's specifications, the details 
  are -

  Pitch A Sharp (keyboard note C Sharp): 2,940 kg., diameter 1,725 mm. 
  (named for St. Oliver Plunkett),

  Pitch C (keyboard note D Sharp): 2,080 kg., diameter 1,537 mm. (named 
  for Blessed Dominic Collins). 

  This makes the A# bell 57-3-14 and the C# bell 40-3-22


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