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> I recently rang a 1/4 at Beachampton. The board on the wall proclaims
they are G & J and tuned to the true harmonic principle. They are not
bland, but if typical of true harmonic tuning the idea would not have
caught on!

Are you sure they weren't Gillet & Bland :-)


This is the on line Dove information:
Beachampton, Bucks
Assumption of the BVM 
Bell Weight Nominal Note Diameter Cast Founder Canons 
1 3-1-3  Eb 25.00 " 1912 Gillett & Johnston  
2 3-3-7  Db 27.00 " 1912 Gillett & Johnston  
3 4-1-19  C 29.00 " 1912 Gillett & Johnston  
4 5-3-6  Bb 32.00 " 1912 Gillett & Johnston  
5 8-0-27  Ab 36.00 " 1912 Gillett & Johnston  
Source: Mike Chester (info: ringing room G&J chart)

Contributed by: Mike Chester
Last updated: 24/07/2006  

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