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Andrew Higson andrew_higson at
Tue Nov 21 15:20:04 GMT 2006

Coincidental with the SRCY peal festivities, I came across their song in
Morris' History and art of Change ringing. Sadly it isn't clear if it
was to be recited or sung, but if it's the latter maybe someone knows
the tune. It starts thus:

Some favourite pleasures all mortals here persues,
The art of change ringing we Cumberlands doth choose:
Then let us all endeavour to practice well this Art
That when we are in the steeple each man may play his part.


For Cumberland we are and Cumberlands we'll be,
To perform with any ringers both in town and country.

11 verses and choruses ensue telling of their supremacy over the ASCY
and lauding their peal of 7104 Oxford TB Max in 1802.

"I vow to thee my country" sort of fits in places..but I'm sure
something jollier is called for.


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