[Bell Historians] Great Bells of Britain

Carl S Zimmerman csz_stl at ba5zr5HgUTZU-Kq4wRV2Pv1Qkvrj1Lr9jMfOY-WzY7qiq3zLjNG0tTzbkXvjffy3J0AtvWaCmn5xJD28.yahoo.invalid
Tue Nov 21 17:32:45 GMT 2006

At 08:22 +0000 06/11/21, Bickerton, Roderic K \(SELEX\) \(UK\) asked:
>Why do we have this list in the diary?
>The diary is very pressed for space and it has no relevance to change
>Would it not be better placed in the Dove data base?

Although I'm not a regular user of the Diary, it seems to me that two 
small pages is a trivial price to pay for making available reference 
material to support the kinds of conversation that might pop up in 
the pub after practice.

At the same time, the "no relevance to change ringing" criterion 
would seem to preclude placing it in the present Dove Online, though 
when the proto-NBR becomes a "real" NBR the material should certainly 
be included there.

Meanwhile, both Chris Pickford's extensive spreadsheet and the GCNA's 
briefer but more detailed page are already available as online 
resources, and both include expanded versions of what's in the Diary.



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