[Bell Historians] Great Bells of Britain, diary content.

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Wed Nov 22 17:35:36 GMT 2006

Progressive development makes sense.
Personally I would like to see a steeple keepers page with things like
correct torque settings for the commonly found bolts around an
installation, how to fit a clapper and avoid getting a very odd struck
bell, how to tuck and retuck a tail to avoid excess ware. Ways to reduce
garter hole ware etc. A short notes page of useful information rather
than a micro treaties on steeple keeping.

"When the discussion about how the Diary might develop was taking place
and the suggestions were piling up on the table, someone pointed out
that if we wanted to change everything then we clearly didn't want the
product we had bought and that we shouldn't have bought it in the first
After that the value of the tried and tested product became appreciated
and the product has been modernised but remains much the same. Bill
Viggars would certainly recognise it."

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