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They were definitely Gillett with a hard G in the Croydon area, where my
father's family used to live - and so far as I know they still are.  My aunt
used to own a second hand Vauxhall Astra which had been used as a company
car by the clockmaking branch of the firm!

Peter Rivet

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  The late Mrs Cyril Johnston, whom I knew, pronounced it Gillett & Johnston
with a hard G  (as in Granny). Presumably Cyril also did, and it follows
that his father, AAJ, would have done so; and he knew William Gillett.
  I think the soft G (as in George Dawson, and as used by him) comes from
the days of Gillette's razor blade's, in more comon use in Cyril's day than
  Some excellent stuff from CJP on that firm's several titles and their use,
for which thanks.
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    Whilst still on this G&J thread, can anyone say, authoritatively, what
the correct pronunciation of "Gillett" should be (correct meaning as it was
spoken by the firm themselves in their bellfounding days)? Although most
people that I know pronounce it with a hard "G", some, usually of an older
generation, say it with a soft "G", as if it were "Jillett".

    The firm continues, of course, but as clockmakers not bellfounders. I
wonder how they pronounce their name these days?


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