[Bell Historians] Major third bells

David Bryant davidbryant at w-KESz6wg_8RLD5q-TvLgVo6lnauzplEzAbeiRQvV6bsGNTKncgfNPQyIbW-IsERMjIGqXijgjJTRdzg4uGRTbyaJ1w.yahoo.invalid
Sun Oct 15 23:15:44 BST 2006

"I was looking at the tuning of the old tenor at Kidderminster for some 
other purposes and happened to notice that it had a major tierce: 
821.5 cents below the nominal or 378.5 cents above the strike - 
sharper than the tierce of the major third bell in Taylor's museum. 
The bell, of course, was Mears 1857 and I assume had no trace of a 
bulge in the waist. (Mind you, the rest of the partials were pretty 
chaotic!) Accident or design?"

I think the tenor at the Spurriergate Centre in York has a tierce pretty
close to a major third - the bell is by Thomas Innocent, 1466. Taylor's
tuned the bells in 1986, so they may be able to confirm or refute this - I
don't have tonal analysis figures for the bells.



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