Exeter Ontario

alanellis2 alan_ellis at aF9-VyejpjDL1lwgHgbRQFxQuD6CME7F4RT_8yhVFSAfm7A3pxn8zEnN-eNLkrdZHGM0s8CFZ9OH6a4n6qw.yahoo.invalid
Fri Oct 20 03:52:01 BST 2006

Thank you for posting the photos of Exeter Ontario bell and ground

Certainly explains why my poor wife had difficulty in keeping up her
bell a few years ago.  I've unfortunately have never had the
opportunity to ring there.

Now for the big question.  There is some evidence that a peal was rung
on those bells way back when - 19th century. Would it have been
possible when the bells and fittings were new, or not?  I believe the
noted time was in excess of 4 hours.





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