David Bryant davidbryant at
Tue Oct 24 23:46:52 BST 2006

I've been to Derby this afternoon, and having an hour or two to spare went
in search of the sites of former rings of bells.

I found St Werburgh's church easily enough (former ring of 8, one left,
tower and old chancel in CCT care). The large Victorian body of the church
is currently being converted into a bar - it has a website at

I believe St Alkmund's (another 8) was right in front of Pugin's St Mary's
RC church. The dual-carriageway ring road at this point (ironically named St
Alkmund's Way!) runs in a deep curring with a footbridge over it. Am I
correct in assuming that the church was on this site, roughly where the
footbridge is now? The ring of eight were saved - the treble is now 2/8 at
Breadsall and the back 7 are the back 7 of 12 at Whitehaven.

The third lost ring is St Andrew - there's a picture of what I think must be
the church in the ringing chamber at the cathedral - a lancet-style job with
a broach spire. Does anyone know where it was located? The ring of ten were



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