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Sun Apr 1 00:34:40 BST 2007

Hello Chris,

Thank you for your input on this little item.

Sounds like me.  No profit, but then that is really not the object of my 
facsimile reprints.

Best wishes


Susan & Christopher Dalton wrote:

> >
> > The reason for my wanting to contact Kingsmead Reprints was to ask for
> > their blessing for me to print a facsimile copy of Tintinnalogia, Second
> > Edition, 1671. Although it will not be a copy of Kingsmead's 1668
> > edition, the only difference is the first page! I was doing this as a
> > courtesy to them. However, if they are no longer in business, I guess
> > that any further attempts to contact them would be redundant.
> I meant to respond on this before. Kingsmead Reprints was, I believe, a
> one-man show run by one Mr Frost (no relation to the cataclysmic Mr 
> Frost of
> Kings Lynn fame). I went to see him once at his bookshop in Bath as a
> possible potential publisher for my efforts. That was after he had
> reprinted Walters's Wiltshire without any updating and Sharpe's Berkshire
> with some. I don't know if he had any successor(s) but would rather 
> suspect
> not. And I don't suppose he made any money out of Tintin., Wilts. and
> Berks, either.
> C D

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