[Bell Historians] Re: Hanworth, Norfolk

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at GWjgcz41EyVx9AWVCgPdXxAikmhBBztoN5Pd1L_rpZd30F5eQjmlnfDV1QmfqWgZa_OigkyNkcGiXs4aaAo.yahoo.invalid
Tue Apr 3 11:57:28 BST 2007

>> Hanworth Norfolk 3 of 5 inscribed  ANNO DOMINI 1612 WB
>> Rather crude lettering very large 3.5" high.
>> Who?

Paul Cattermole is your man, surely.  He has inspected these bells more
closely than I did on a relatively brief visit, and East Anglia is a bit off
my usual beat anyway.



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