Well done, John & Co

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> > I know that John Baldwin will try to say that it is mainly the
result of other's efforts, but I think that it is worth noting that
the Dove pNBR has just gone through the 40,000 bell mark.  A
tremendous achievement, well done, John.
> That is an incredible amount of data entered.   Congratulations to
all concerned, but particularly John for driving it along.   I for one
have  spent several happy hours looking through much of the
fascinating  information the on-line Dove now contains.
> Richard

Thank you for noticing that milestone Mike.  But it IS without doubt
that it is the superb collaboration from a large number of people that
has been the mainstay of this project.  Some people have been
absolutely outstanding in their freely offered help, and sharing the
fruits of their labours.  I'd like to mention in particular George
Dawson (whose spreadsheets have been an invaluable source of data),
Andrew Higson (whose readiness to share the Loughborough foundry's
data with us all is immense), Chris Pickford, and not least Mike
Chester who himself has contributed by patiently entering data for
nearly 500 towers.  There are MANY others, too, and to mention some
is not to denigrate anyone's support in the collaborative exercise.

Now can we get it to say 99% coverage in the next 3 months?



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