Thornton in Craven

Alan Birney alanjbirney at
Mon Apr 16 15:13:02 BST 2007

 The Barnoldswick  band's very good freinds at Thornton in craven are 
trying to trace the History of what is assumed to be a pair of Lester 
and Pack 1759 bells- It is assumed that the Shaw of Bradford 3rd of 
the six was a recast of a L+P bell of 1759. If this was the case, they 
are wondering if anyone had details of the old bell please, as they 
are doing a history project.

     The current 4th of the six is an L+P bell of 1759, and they are 
under the assumption that L+P supplied two bells to make the ring upto 
four, including two bells that are rumoured to have come from sawley 

   Any assistance, greatly appreciated and the info will be passed on 
together with the source of the info



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