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Alnwick only had a very short ringing history and the year 1901 was the  last 
record I have of any ringing on the eight. Maybe a ringing meeting and the  
peal that year were so bad it shut the tower !!!   1,4 & 8  are by Charles & 
George Mears in 1846 and then J. Taylor added the other 5  in 1874. The tenor is 
18-2-23 and they are hung in a large Taylor Grimthope  frame. 
When I arrived in the North East in 1972 the story was that the tower was  
unsafe due to the fact that there was a stream running under the tower on sandy  
soil thus washing away the foundations. It has however never been established 
if  there is any foundation to this story.
It is correct that the idea of selling the bells was mooted. I understand  
that it is likely that someone found out how much an 18cwt ring of 8 would cost  
to install and imagined that the scrap value would bring in scores of 
thousands  of pounds. The idea was dropped prior to my last discussion with a church  
The bells currently have no wheels.
Howard E. J. Smith  -  Newcastle Diocese bell  advisor.

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