[Bell Historians] New Chimes

David Bryant David.Bryant at UTRn2U7lGYO-sH0kiT7727dcncaDKCcyt-lZuiJnydUUg1w8ctRBZdVuJRHI-U6tN7zKjkxSISkwXCmyi1MUGuqj.yahoo.invalid
Fri Apr 27 13:20:34 BST 2007

> It's the old 2nd - by Roger Purdue 1630. The bell on which I rang my
first peal in fact!

What's happened to the other four? I know the tenor has already been

For those who aren't aware, the front five were tuned as a Major five by
Eayre & Smith and attempts were made to sell them as a ring, which was
unfortunately unsuccessful.



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