[Bell Historians] New Chimes

David Bryant David.Bryant at Q1xr2VbqfxHfckVA4z_lOhhc5dvJ6jTi9sgqGrcD9w1NJj_tThDh81CxXxQkC0b9A56EigfPZyF4ZDyDYFKB-g.yahoo.invalid
Fri Apr 27 14:13:03 BST 2007


"5th is still available and is listed on Keltek List. The other three
are going to Norfolk I think. I am sure I read something in the Keltek
Trust report in the RW some weeks ago now."

I should really have looked at the Keltek list before asking! East
Rudham, apparently - anyone have any further details of the scheme here?

Incidentally, the Keltek site says that the 2nd is going to Manor Farm,



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