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Thu Aug 2 14:44:58 BST 2007

Here at last is some information as promised in response to John Baldwin's
enquiries.  I am sending it to Bell Historians in case it helps to fill any
other gaps, scrappy though it is.

STEEP, Hants., 6.  Quick look May 1970.  Tenor weight 6-0-13, note B-flat.
Treble added M & S 1950, cast weight 3-1-7.  Back five Robert Catlin 1745.
Frame looked 1745 or thereabouts;  metal pit added for tenor 1940.  The
plain bearings on the middle five bells testify to an earlier rehanging by
Bowell of Ipswich;  the treble and tenor are on M & S ball bs.

KINGSWORTHY, Hants., 5.  Quick look May 1967.  Tenor note about A.  The
whole set-up was then Warner 1861 - bells, oak frame, fittings and all;
except that the gudgeons and bearings were renewed by M & S in 1907.  RW
16/12/94 gives details of new treble cast and fitted by Whitechapel in 1994
as an addition.  There is also an old sanctus bell.

BRAISHFIELD, Hants., 3.  Seen (and rung) Sept. and Oct. 1968.  Whole set-up
Warner 1853 - early for them.  Softwood frame.  Complete ringing fittings
except no stays/sliders provided.  Wheels apparently a later renewal.  Tenor
22 in., note A.  Others not well in tune with it (2nd only a little sharp of
A;  treble between C and C-sharp).

ECCHINSWELL, Hants., 3.  Quick look Sept. 1958.  All Warner, the oak frame
for five and the 2nd (C) and tenor (B-flat) and their fittings 1886.  Treble
(D-flat; old-style tuning) added with its fittings 1912.

TEFFONT EVIAS, Wilts., 3.  Inspected for book March 2007.
1  John Wallis of Salisbury 1613  23 in.  F-sharp
2  Ditto 1611  25 3/8 in.  Flat of E
3  John Lott of Warminster 1625  27 1/2 in.  About 4 1/2 cwt.  D
Locally-made oak frame and fittings early 19th c. with much more recent but
equally local ball bearings.  Just about ringable I suppose.

STEEPLE GIDDING, Hunts. (as was), 3.  Seen with ladders at various times
(for RCF/CCT).  Rehung in new wooden frame for stationary chiming in 1899.
1 Joseph Eayre of Kettering 1748.  2 & 3 William Chamberlain of London
mid-15th c.  I don't seem to have got sizes to hand, nor who did the work in

UPWOOD, Hunts., 3.  Seen briefly April 1989.  Bells as in Norris.  In key of
B-flat/A major.  2nd and tenor hung in a very late king-posted frame;
treble miles above on transverse beams.  Not a professional job, as to frame
or fittings.

I'd better get this lot off and let Somerset follow shortly.

C D[alton, not compact disk...]


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