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"LYNG, Som., now 6. Seen before and after Whitechapel 1969 work."
Do you know who the frame is by?
"NORTHOVER, Som. Inspected Jan. 1992.
1 Richard Purdue I 1636 absent, having been broken and scrapped (but the
inscription band said to have been preserved in a museum in Yeovil)."
I looked into this a while back. The bell was acquired by the Wilton
(Taunton) ringers and used as scrap when the two trebles of ten were
cast - there's a photo in the ringing chamber at Wilton of the
inscription band being cut out with an angle grinder. I asked the Wilton
ringers what had happened to the inscription band, and they thought it
had been given to Taunton museum. Mike Hansford (Tower Captain at
Bishops Lydeard, who works in the museum) was going to find out - don't
know whether he did. This has reminded me that I need to follow it up!
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