Harry Potter and CBCI

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Sat Aug 11 02:37:30 BST 2007

  Did anyone notice that there was a mention of church bells at 
Christmas in "Deathly Hallows?" Harry and Hermione were in or near the 
fictional village of Godric's Hollow at the time.
This is the Wikipedia entry about its possible location:

 >>As for the village's exact location, there was speculation that 
Godric's Hollow is somewhere in Wales because when carrying baby Harry 
from Godric's Hollow to Little Whinging, Surrey, Rubeus Hagrid flew over 
Bristol — which is near the border between England and Wales. As Rowling 
was born and lived around the Bristol area, later moving to Chepstow, 
Wales, it is a possibility that Godric's Hollow could in fact be based 
on one of the locations she grew up in, perhaps Winterbourne, South 
Gloucestershire or Tutshill in the Forest of Dean. The references to 
this area of the United Kingdom in the books make them all a 
possibility. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Godric's Hollow is 
stated as being "the West Country village", confirming it to be in the 
West Country of England.<<

Laura Dickerson


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