[Bell Historians] Harrington, Latham & Co

Richard Offen richard.offen at IM5mipINE0dDwbOY3Pobs-Heq0Y9zcRVAHLJjtfR0dON5hnCbIZReJs2tbxsKfutJDSuGdHTvAzd1yQFGEnhgDaV.yahoo.invalid
Sat Aug 18 16:01:15 BST 2007

> Sorry to hear of Richard's troubles with the tubulars at Swan Bells. 
They ought not to have "scaffolding poles" type sounds: the intonation 
ought to be quite soft as they are struck, or ought to be, by lignum-
vitae plugs in the hammer heads. Richard will remember the quaint 
plonking sounds which emanated from the tower of St Alphege, Seasalter: 
he successfully interceded forty years ago for my release from my 
father's shop in order to show him the things. 
> DLC     

Now that takes me back!

Our example of a set of tubes at Swan are definitely not the best 
example I've heard as they are made up from two different sets and not 
well in tune.



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