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There is a disused chapel with a bell in a turrett on the NW corner of
Winmarleigh Street and Museum Street. Cairo Street Unitarian Chapel has no



On 8/14/07, Chris Pickford <c.j.pickford.t21 at 0NxwqwK71-_ooxyRL8BnRhGtdRAt7QyPoXDUBxAZlh7Za4f-ZHz5qMAxXej5bCcC14M8J8ms_af5uCWhMDE4IIUufgAL.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
>    Just to say that I looked into all this about 30 years ago - and you
> may remember, Pete, that we visited Lower Peover together - but never
> managed to trace the Sankey Street chapel, which seesm to have gone. If the
> bell had survived, it might have provided proof of the date of the trebles.
> I have also looked at the Lower Peover accounts to see if the purchase of
> the bell from Macclesfield was mentioned - it isn't (but the accounts aren't
> complete). But the fact that Rudhall supplied ten bells isn't in doubt as
> it's clearly stated in their catalogues.
> Still now online at our new abode so can't provide chapter and verse from
> the lists right now, but will check my notes on this and (if there's
> anything to amend or add to this note written from memory) perhaps provide a
> further summary
> Chris P
> *Pete Dyson <pete.dyson.holly at rInNkt4eZA9Br4e_qsmVKKsteFD_eBnzYiefS7oDlyCzyC95K-VSPu5sLZNr5-QgGrVIvatTtOtQLsy-9uZtGKZoecOTjuw.yahoo.invalid>* wrote:
>  I wonder if anyone can help myself and David Atkinson, the Tower
> Captain? Macc Ch Ch were originally a complete Rudhall 10, dated 1777.
> In 1815 the 9th was cracked and recast by Wm Dobson, with the two
> trebles being sold to defray the cost. One was sold to "Peover" and
> the other to "Sankey Street Chapel, Warrington". I am trying to find
> if either of these bells are still around.
> My visits to Over Peover and Peover Hall show that there are no
> contenders there, but Lower Peover was a possibility, as these were
> recast by Warner in 1912.
> I cannot find any reference to Sankey Street Chapel, Warrington
> despite a search on Google.
> Peter Dyson
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