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Below is my original posting and that from Howard Smith which prompted it. There have been a number of interesting messages from CP on the subject which have come through to me. I am not sure which ones were also intended for the list or even got there. A good read.
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Modesty being one of my virtues, I almost hesitate to say that the best article on tubular bells which has been published in recent years was entitled "Strange Noises from the Belfry" and is to be found in the Christmas Edition of The Ringing World, No.4730/31, pp 1260-63, 21/28 December 2001. It is illustrated inter alia with scan of the cover of one of their catalogues, which gives The Butts as their address.

Howard's email states "After 1909 until c.1925 Harrington & Latham (sic) were at the Tube Chime Works, 4 Fleet Street Coventry". Not "until c.1925" I think. I have Xeroxes of the correspondence between the firm, which by then was styling itself HARRINGTON, HOLLAND & CO, and the then Vicar of St Alphege, Seasalter, Kent, regarding the installation of the eight tubular chimes there in 1920. By that time the sole proprietors were Joseph W. Holland and A. Holland. Mr Latham seems to have disappeared but the original Harrington name was presumably retained for commercial reasons. The office address given is 164 Earlsdon Avenue, Coventry, and their works as White Friars Street. The earliest testimonial sent in conection with the Seasalter job is dated 1914 and addressed to "Messrs Harrington, Latham & Co., Earlsdon, Coventry." The rest are all of 1919 and addressed to "Harrington, Holland & Co., Coventry."

Their telegraphic address was "Cradle, Coventry" which presumably alludes to the name of John Harrigton's first premises, which Howard interestingly gives, the Enamel & Cradle Spring Works, The Butts.

I'd like to learn more about John Harrington, the late Mr Latham, and Joseph W. and A Holland who carried on the works - and when they actually ceased production. I give the last date as c.1925, when they put up an octave at Christ Church, Luton, Chatham, now scrapped. Are there any later ones than can be positively dated; indeed, when is the earliest?

Sorry to hear of Richard's troubles with the tubulars at Swan Bells. They ought not to have "scaffolding poles" type sounds: the intonation ought to be quite soft as they are struck, or ought to be, by lignum-vitae plugs in the hammer heads. Richard will remember the quaint plonking sounds which emanated from the tower of St Alphege, Seasalter: he successfully interceded forty years ago for my release from my father's shop in order to show him the things. 


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  Hi Mike, I have the adress of John Harrington between 1884 -1909 as Enamel & Cradle Spring Works, The Butts, Coventry. After 1909 and up to c1925 Harrington & Latham were at the Tube Chime Works, 4 Fleet Street, Coventry. - Howard E.J.Smith

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