[Bell Historians] Re: Edinburgh, S Cuthbert

Ted Steele ted.steele at j_9JjVg6gyR_a8Xep7KYAk5SeXoFn7MbPHl8F6Xyv_GZjLdtx5kuldRrAg0feG2sKLoLnwm7Zyu7Y6_oFIM.yahoo.invalid
Sun Aug 26 20:05:47 BST 2007

philholtsdgr wrote:
> Intrigued to see Ted Steele's message. Whether there is a connection or
> not, there was a Yerbury family who were clothiers at Trowbridge &
> Bradford on Avon in the 16th & 17th centuries.
> Phil Lucas

A little further exploration of the EPS site reveals that several 
generations of  the Yerbury family have been established as professional 
photographers in Edinburgh. They took over the business of a 
photographer called Balmain and it was he who is believed to have taken 
the bell picture. The link to the Yerbury family thus appears to be 
through photography rather than bells.



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