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Wed Aug 29 23:06:33 BST 2007

Hello Mike,

To the best of my knowledge there is but a single bell in the Norwich 
City Hall tower.   I've heard the bell strike many an hour over the 
years, Norwich having been my home, but have never heard any quarter 
hour chimes.

Details are as found in the front of the diary - everything except the 
note.  Perhaps the people who have access to the G&J bell details are 
able to answer that question.

Best wishes


Mike Chester wrote:

> I have been comparing my chimes list with the heavy bell list.  Can 
> anyone please confirm the number of bells plus, if possible, note of 
> hour bell in the following clock chimes?  I am wondering if they have 
> 4 or more bells and therefore should be included in my chimes list.
> Glasgow University 
> Norwich City Hall
> Wakefield Town Hall
> Reading University
> South Shields Municipal Buildings
> Kendal Town Hall
> Dublin Water Tower
> Braintree Town Hall
> Moffatt Parish Church
> Aberdeen Marischal College
> Radley College
> Bangor Cathedral
> Newtown (which building?)
> Dunrobin Castle
> Cranwell College
> Huddersfield, Newsome Mills
> Stockport, St Thomas
> Burton on Trent Town Hall
> Bingley, Mornington Rd Wesleyan
> Hulme, St George
> Uppingham School
> Barrow Town Hall
> Galashiels clock tower
> Nottingham University
> Rathmines Town Hall
> Portsmouth Naval Barracks
> Many thanks
> Mike

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