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According to the church guide (1983) the following paragraph appears:

"It may be observed that the flag on the tower of the Church is the ENGLISH FLAG, the cross of St George, without the charge of Arms of a diocese in the first quarter. This is the outward sign of the THE PECULIAR OF SOUTHWICK which, by ancient privilege, is exempt from diocesan and other jurisdiction, but which, nevertheless, adheres strictly to the doctrine and order of the Church of England."

Whilst I quote what is in the local book (authorship unknown) I can think of a number of parish churches where the 'English Flag' is flown without the charge of Arms of the diocese in the first quarter. However, I believe that churches are now encouraged to fly the flag with the relevant diocesan Arms. 

Neil Skelton.

P.S. Suggest those in doubt about the meaning of 'Peculiar' look it up in the OED!   N.           
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