Various chimes

Carl S Zimmerman csz_stl at
Thu Jan 4 06:38:14 GMT 2007

Thanks to Peter Rivet, the GCNA Website has a new page about the 
Warner 8 at St.James, Calcutta.  Thanks to Wikimapia, there is also 
overhead photography available from Google Maps, though I was unable 
to find much supporting detail of other kinds.

Thanks to David Cawley and others, I have revised my description of 
St.Mark, Dalston to make clear that it is ringable as well as 
chimable.  While I never intended to imply that it was unringable, 
the remarks made by contributors to this list made me realize that 
such an inference could be drawn from the way I originally described 
it.  Of course, my focus is on the distinctive chiming aspect of that 

Thanks to Jim Hedgcock, a pair of pages will soon be added for San 
Francisco el Grande in Madrid, based on recent work by Francesc Llop 
i Bayo.  I admire what Francesc has accomplished on his Website, and 
wish I could read Spanish better to appreciate it more. 
Unfortunately I have not been able to persuade him that the notes 
(pitches) of bells are also important!



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