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I have found the following report which explains the recasting of the
two trebles:

.....Lots of other details about the installation........

23.	That because the treble and second bells appear to be weaker in
tone than the others and as enormous improvements have taken place in
the art of casting and tuning bells since these two were recast, that
they be again recast. Their successors to be designed to have bold,
clear, distinct strike-notes, with hum-notes not too prominent, and so
that their strike-notes are powerful enough not to be overpowered by the
tones of the larger bells either inside or outside the tower.


Frederick Sharpe
19th May, 1951

The two old bells were broken up and the metal used in casting unrelated
bells in 1954.

Hope this helps

Andrew Higson
Taylors Eayre and Smith

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