Holme Cultram Abbey, Cumbria

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Abbeytown of Holme Cultram	 St Mary	 1 of 2	 Yes	  	 21
1465	 Unknown	
Abbeytown of Holme Cultram	 St Mary	 2 of 2	  	  	 27
4.2.0	  	 1771	 Pack & Chapman	
>From the Carlisle NBR.

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Subject: Holme Cultram Abbey, Cumbria


Do you have any information (or know where to find it) about the two bells
at Holme Cultram Abbey at Abbeytown in Cumbria. The abbey church roof was
destroyed by fire last year but the bells were saved. One of the bells was
cast by Pack and Chapman in 1771 but the smaller bell 'could be 15th

Thank you 

Ron East


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