[Bell Historians] Peculiars

Philo philochat at 16fO2ENnYdcZMoK2P9aBcMYiDJZA2w6d3Amz5aU_sIYF7lqBU7fub5xw_1AFIh7ioe7yg8dWCnKDZLwD.yahoo.invalid
Thu Jan 11 11:54:41 GMT 2007

> JEC: 
> Royal peculiars...and King's and Trinity Colleges, Cambridge.
> Possible Royal peculiars...Most other older Oxford and Cambridge 
> colleges 
> Episcopal peculiars:.....A few other Oxford and Cambridge colleges 

A little while ago we a conversation about college chapels over our 
GSM post-ringing coffee. 

I seem to remember that we thought King's College, St John's College 
and St Edward (King and Martyr) are definitely "Royal Peculiars" 
(cant remember if we though of Trinity as one) and that all other 
College Chapels are simply "peculiar" and I assumed that meant 

I do know that the colleges dont have the same legal status as 
regular parish churches - for example you need a License to get 
married in the chapel (though you can get a civil marriage blessed 
without recourse to a license).   

Interstingly we are getting more business at GSM to ring for college 
weddings (using the ubiquitous mobile phone to indicate when to 
ring). BTW we do charge the same for a college wedding as a wedding 
held in GSM (£120).



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