[Bell Historians] Re: Orange

Dickon Love dickon at JdXLFZWCWJYbel6HM3uMxkmda6h-4WeuZTM8LGpCec1Me3v62FTPbFA3rL13ZGXkL2qll-T7ZYXKYY4.yahoo.invalid
Mon Jan 15 10:36:23 GMT 2007

I received the following information from Ron Shephard re Orange:

"...many thanks for your details on the bell number 6 now at Orange
NSW .as yet the bell is not hung but t will be very soon.The frame and
the bells are at the base of the tower waiting for a steel ring beam to
be fitted first by a local contractor .it was so good to see the
excellent historical notes that are kept on the various churches and
bells. This particular bell is interesting as it is not only in memory
of a G & J fan but is going to be the only G & J bell hung for ringing
in NSW . Orange is a lovely town about 260kms west of Sydney and the
church tower is an unusual design having a broached (I hope that's how
it is spelt) spire."



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