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Indeed. RCO is also too modest to say that his persuasive powers which led to lower of the bells in the tower in 1971 also contributed to the transformation. They can be heard on Loveguide.


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  > Quite by coincidence also by Warners 1915 I've just done a tonal on:
  > 7th - 191/451/472/ /781 - hum 38 cents flat, fundamental 249 cents 
  > 8th - 172/387/425/ /698 - hum 25 cents flat, fundamental 179 cents 
  > Not easy listening.
  > Andrew 

  I rest my case :-)

  Sharp fundamentals seem to have been a Warner trade mark, even with 
  the bells they cast prior to their attempts at harmonic tuning. 

  The two tenors at Tenterden (Kent), which are Warner 1884, had 
  horribly sharp fundamentals. When the bells were tuned in 1961, 
  Whitechapel got them as near to an octave as they dared without 
  parting the crowns off. 

  Following the recent Settle incident, members of this Group may 
  remember the late Nick Davies reporting a conversation he had with 
  Bill Hughes about Tenterden. Bill had just done a tonal and profile 
  analysis of the ring and was pondering on what he could do with the 
  two tenors - breaking them up was not an option! Although not to 
  everyone's taste (I'm biased, I learnt to ring there!), the result of 
  tuning is a ring with a rather pleasing, if somewhat melancholy, 


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