[Bell Historians] Re: Devon Bells

Richard Offen richard.offen at r-qXcZ5Mohg9rIC7CFYrXSRn_cYF66dS4H2kLpWxUHXY37wnsvYnn-8VsUeIK9i-so38YSuKNyGVdPesIX1FXNiJMcRe.yahoo.invalid
Sat Jan 20 14:45:28 GMT 2007

> Back in the days of itinerant bellfounders, bell casting was done on 
> the spot - often in the churchyard or even the base of the tower.  So 
> all available metal from old bells was re-used in the process, as a 
> simple matter of economy.  That's where the term "recast" comes from.

Even then, as has been said before here, most of the tin will have gone 
up the furnace chimney and had to be replaced with new metal!



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