[Bell Historians] Tin Loss (Was Devon Bells)

Richard Offen richard.offen at UA_C3njIBEG4s4EQMV0JuIZ88Fns_w9TUNE1ZqbRRsBFUdDlLo4SQNKnbO6X2J2-YFIWEZ4ReERMcDGdUH0eiwDf89o.yahoo.invalid
Sun Jan 21 13:49:18 GMT 2007

> "The molten metal is usually tapped from the furnace into a ladle at 
approx 1100 degrees C, and poured at a slightly lower temperature. 
Since the boiling point of tin is 2267 degrees, any loss of tin 
ocurring will be the result of oxidation rather than volatilisation. 
The rate of oxidation of the tin will depend on the furnace conditions, 
but if a charcoal cover on the melt is used, any tin oxide present will 
be reduced to tin, avoiding any tin losses."
> DB

Stannic Oxide is the form in which it always disappears ...it must be a 
real problem as bell founders always have to 'tin up' just before 



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