bells in Canterbury during Chaucer's time?

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Sun Jan 21 14:00:37 GMT 2007

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>   The current tower at the cathedral is from 1500.  I found a 
> to a clock tower there in 1292.  Mechanical clock?  Were there some 
> of chiming hammers attached to a clock
> mechanism that early, or would people have been ringing the bell(s) 
> based on the clock time? 
> Any information would be appreciated.
> Laura Dickerson

Which tower?   There are five in all (not counting the water tower!), 
three of which currently contain bells, of which the latest, Bell 
Harry was completed around 1500.   then there was the camapnile, 
which was taken down in the seventeenth century.

I suggest you try Loves Guide for starters:

And then move on to the article by the late Nick Daives:



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