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>From Morris's History and Art. 

Wath-Upon-Dearne, Yorkshire.

"The Wath Company of Ringers ascended the tower of
Wath Church on the 2nd day of April 1815, and rang
fourteen peals viz: - Symphony; Cambridge Surprise;
Cheapside; City Delight; Duke of York; St Ann's
Delight; Oxford Treble; London Scholars, Primrose,
Tulip, Violet, College Treble, College Pleasure and
Rodney's Victory, making 10,080 changes which were
bought round in 5 hours & minutes by five ringers of
Wath & one from Darton viz: Christopher Taylor; Joseph
Blackburn; WIlliam Fox (Darton); Joseph Jackson;
Matthew Blackburn; and William Blackburn, the whole
being conducted by William Blackburn. This was the
greated number of changes rung up to that day; but the
old tower of Darton was ascended in the same year by
the ringers of that place, and they rang fifteen peals
in a grand and masterly style. The men being named as
follows, they now being dead. Benjamin Howcroft,
Samuel Howcroft, Robert Fox, John Senior, William Fox
(Tenor) and George Fox: The most extraordinary feat
however, was by the Wath ringers. They ascended the
old tower on Shrove Tuesday February 27th 1816, and
rung twenty-one pelas, viz.: - Evening Delight;
Evening Star; Cheapside; Cambridge; Symphony; Bob
Royal; Morning Exercise; Morning Star; Morning
Pleasure; Primrose; Tulip; College Treble; College
Pleasure; London Scholars; Oxford; St Ann's Delight;
Navigation Bob; Violet, Duke of York; City Delight;
and Rodney's Victory, making 15,120 changes which were
brought round with masterly style in 8 hours & 27
minutes, without a man quitting his rope. The
following persons were the performers: - Christopher
Taylor; Joseph Blackburn; Joseph Myers; Edward Myers;
Matthew Blackburn; WIlliam Blackburn (tenor)."

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> Looking in the RW1936, p807, there is mention of a
> 15,120 rung at Wath,
> Yorkshire in 1816. There is no mention of this in
> the Felstead details.
> Does anyone have any more details of this
> performance please?
> Thanks
> Richard Allton

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