Felstead Records Moving

Dickon Love dickon at Y7E0xiBpDt0e-GHzZfngyehkNfVc9lRpLDDzp17_aCz09i5d4LjrT_3l6j4aptQKJsZ6Et68zbIOB897hQ.yahoo.invalid
Tue Jan 30 17:48:25 GMT 2007

I have decided, reluctantly, to remove the links from each Lovesguide 
page (Kent, London and Westminster) to the pages which show the peals 
rung at these towers. It seems that the Felstead database simply cannot 
stay still, and the urls to each page keep changing. I thought we might 
have some consistency once it transferred to ringing.org a few years 
ago, but now I see that it has since moved to Andrew Craddock's 
personal space. How long will it be before they move again to some 
other set of addresses? It was a great effort to amend all the links 
first time and I can't be bothered to amend them all again in the 
knowledge that I will need to amend them all a 3rd time when the powers 
that be decide to move everything again!

A disgruntled DrL


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