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1. 33.75" 8.2.8
2. 36.625" 11.0.23
3. 40.625" 14.2.20
4. 52.75" 30.0.14
5. 78.75" 98.0.0

Dispatched April 1891.


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Stumbled over this today at :-

Can anybody add to the details?


May 4 1891

Cast in England in 1890 "the castings have come out remarkably successful,
possessing very rich tone, especially the 5-ton tenor bell. Its fine, full
resonance being greatly admired. Canon Cattley (Worchester Cathedral who
blessed it) expressed high approval. He said they are certainly the best
bells ever sent out of England. The first quarter bell is 2ft 9in in
diameter, the note C sharp, and weight 81/2 cwt.; the second, 3ft in
diameter, B 111/4cwt; the third, 3ft 4 in diameter, A 143/4 cwt., the
fourth, 4ft 4in in diameter, E 30cwt, and the tenor bell, 6ft 6in in
diameter, A weighing 5 tons. Each bell has the imperial crown and monogram
VIR with the words 'General Post Office, Sydney 1890.

The following lines from Tennyson's 'In Memoriam' are inscribed on the
bells, one line on each, commencing with the largest. Ring out the false,
ring in the true Ring out the feud of rich and poor Ring in redress to all
mankind Ring out false pride in place and blood Ring in the common love of

Cast by John Taylor of Loughborough designs by lord Grimthorpe. The initials
of Henry Parkes also appear H P

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