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Sat Jul 7 03:41:19 BST 2007

At 14:08 +0100 07/07/05, Robert Lewis wrote:
>One for Alan Blair really - but alas he is not on email.
>Any takers please?
>>To: <editor at hZKTtRM6lfv-oAneCZPqYazs4kLSmEZFnIAim-Zcv1TCAxE3lXnIHur0iiLzVMH0p-Baa-p2QENv2gBCxa2km3_CeQ.yahoo.invalid>
>>Subject: Biggest bell in the world?
>>Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2007 10:11:18 +0100
>>Dear Sir,
>>Would anyone be able to please help me with a simple question. What and
>>where is the biggest bell in the world?
>>   Is it or is it not the World Peace Benn in Kentucky?
>>Many thanks
>  >Dave Dyer

The World Peace Bell (Newport, Kentucky, USA) was the biggest 
_swinging_ bell in the world from its casting in 1999 until 2006, 
when it was supplanted by a bell which now hangs in Japan.  Refer the 
inquirer to the following Webpage:
from which this and other details can readily be found.



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