[Bell Historians] Ringers' Jugs

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Ah! Chris, you have touched on a very tender spot to which I dare not reply for fear of revealing some delightful ringers' jugs!

Chris Pickford <c.j.pickford.t21 at s0gkTEAZzDXJkNFdSAowgzDkWWTmbUm0OfGEJsXDFMnjfxWlCZuV54QgEUzXnce36i_AMIBAbrPz72kmf7K1K6JroLG_ke-oYw.yahoo.invalid> wrote:            Assume no double entendre intended here!
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One of the ringers at Washington Cathedral asked me if I knew of any
colour photos of ringes' jugs...I don't so thought I would ask the
list if anyone could help



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