Did Harrison have a point

Richard Offen richard.offen at d7yKtD-2e7vEHKviSQNW7N4MXtln4KQ2iD5wGP0tPX5GCGwCmwSlAZTPV7mFSyueex4JoB2gAnrOyOvawADltXgAmA.yahoo.invalid
Wed Jul 11 16:16:34 BST 2007

> the Australian site http://www.ausbell.com/
> <http://www.ausbell.com/Federation%20Bells/FEDBELLS.html>  shows that
> computer generation of profiles for a particular result is now
> understood, although the use of the technology here is extreme.

These bells are rather like an oboe that's been designed to sound like 
a flute, or a violin that been made to sound like a trumpet!   A bit of 
a pointless exercise really!

We currently have a small set of Federation bells on loan at Swan Bells 
and they sound best (I use the word very loosely!)if struck half-way 
down the waist ...try making a clapper that will do that effectively!



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